Heads Up High Stakes Golf, LLC.
All rights reserved.

High Stakes Golf is an innovative, copyrighted proprietary play format combining the wagering savvy of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker with the skill of golf


Heads Up High Stakes Golf is a sports and entertainment company. A golf and gambling lifestyle brand and boasting a powerful array of strategic partners, the Company operates events and produces content both live and virtual utilizing our copyrighted and proprietary method of play incorporating Texas Hold ‘Em Poker into golf. Heads Up High Stakes Golf is the only company to have achieved copyright status for an original golf game with a betting component – for both live and virtual play.

Heads Up High Stakes Golf branded assets include land-based golf events that are produced using state-of-the-art technology creating compelling and dynamic content for distribution over multiple media outlets and platforms. We are also the game publishers for interactive media, i-gaming played peer-to-peer, online, mobile, console, and simulator versions. Our copyrighted method of play is by issued legal opinion, a skill-based game. 

The hit-and-bet format is played under our registered trademark.


Our initial relaunch will consist of multiple events of high-profile individuals playing for cash prizes utilizing our copyrighted method of play.

Our copyrighted format also allows for variation:

  • Invitational events
  • Buy-in events
  • Smaller fields than earlier iterations with higher entry fees & cash payouts
  • Played on traditional 18-hole championship courses or high-end par 3 courses
  • We will run multiple events per year

All events can include additional event experiences

  • Concerts – Poker tournaments – Parties – Etc.

Media & Entertainment

HSG branded assets include land-based golf events that are produced into compelling and dynamic content for distribution.

  • Production includes narrative-driven episodic and/or live broadcast shows using state-of-the-art technology.

Distribution through multiple mediums

  • Broadcast/Cable
  • Streaming
  • DTC
  • Social Media

Ability to accumulate and utilize a vast library of content

Virtual Games & Simulator Play

Live events also serve as tentpole events to promote our digital strategies and virtual gaming. Multi-platform availability

  • Our 56-page legal opinion establishes HSG as a skill-based game
  • Our copyrights allow for integration of the format and brand into virtual game play in global markets on
    Simulator – Console – PC – Mobile – VR – Other

Online in-game peer-to-peer wagering

  • Multi-tier subscription service
  • Play for stated cash and prizes
  • Microtransactions

Virtual play events

  • In-person and online virtual play competitions

It really is an amazing story. A new golf and gambling event with a $10,000 buy-in played for cash prizes, that no one had ever seen or played before. We created 60 inaugural playing positions and sold them out in three weeks. What happened from that point was truly remarkable.

With our partners at The MGM Mirage and Full Tilt Poker, we staged a peer-to-peer golfers and gamblers event. These professionally organized and run amateur golf events which aired on network television, yielded unbelievable moments on the golf course as only golf and gambling matches can. We were innovative. No strokes. No handicaps. No bullshit. Players were allowed to bring a financial advisor/caddie on course with them. We trained an incredible group of individuals who ran each group – our ‘croupiers’. We threw an opening night party at the then Siegfried and Roy habitat. Our friends at the Mirage went above and beyond. But what really made the event special were the players, their families, and friends. The winners went home happy with big checks. The inaugural event winner took home $250,000. We all shared one thing in common … we love the game of golf, and we love to gamble on it.

Like any new venture we went through growing pains and were dealt a fatal blow on Black Friday when our title sponsor, Full Tilt Poker was forced out of the US marketplace. Sports betting was not yet legal and left us with few options and a decision was made to suspend the events.

Sports betting, now legalized, has shown just how significant the appetite for gambling on golf is – it’s big. But the marketplace has also introduced virtual golf play. Our company is the only company to have achieved copyright status on Rules of a Game and Method of Play for a golf game with a betting component for both live and virtual events. We intend to utilize the copyrights to re-introduce High Stakes Golf, both live and virtual with an expanded number of play formats. So while we will continue to run buy-in events, we will also create specialty events. We will continue to run these as amateur events and will continually expand the breadth of players, both men and women, US and international. We will initiate our virtual play utilizing our format in peer-to-peer simulator games.

Since the game of golf’s inception, players have been gambling amongst each other on matches. Our events create an organized, professional environment to play a competitive hit-and-bet format on a level playing field. It is our intent to bring high profile interesting men and women to compete for cash prizes in our high stakes golf matches.